Our Mission Statement

“We demonstrate our dedication to our patients, clients and community by providing excellent veterinary health care and customer service with wisdom, integrity and compassion.”


DEDICATION – As animal caregivers, the passion we have for our work infiltrates every aspect of what we do, driving our commitment to provide the highest quality of veterinary healthcare. With a profound reverence for all life, we are dedicated to always doing our best.

INTEGRITY – We practice veterinary medicine responsibly with the highest of ethical and professional standards exercising clarity, honesty and accountability for our actions.Through a meticulous attention to detail we strive for excellence in every facet of our service.

COMPASSION – We are committed to the alleviation of pain and suffering and treat all our clients’ pets as if they were our own with dignity, loving kindness and an awareness of the intensity of the bond between humans and their animal companions.

COMMUNICATION – We believe in a team-based approach towards clear communication, encouraging listening and sharing information with a positive attitude towards providing excellent service.We are also committed to a client education program based on fairness, respect, patience, understanding and trust with clear instructions and realistic expectations to foster optimum cooperation and compliance.

COMMUNITY – We are an equal opportunity employer and respect diversity and tolerance in all walks of life, embracing the multicultural nature of our community with enthusiasm. We are committed to the optimum health, welfare and safety of people, pets and the environment, and believe in the wise use of energy and an ecological approach to medicine that includes the conservation of wildlife and the natural resources of the planet. We strive to maintain a positive vision for the future through our commitment to excellence in the present.

WISDOM – We facilitate and encourage personal and professional growth for our staff through continuing education programs to develop the appropriate knowledge necessary to achieve the best health and treatment solutions for our patients. We believe in the integration of traditional healing arts such as acupuncture and massage therapy with conventional medicine to provide a greater selection of treatment options to our clientele and more balanced opportunities for the optimum health and well-being of their pets.