Behavioural Consultations

naughty-dog-279x300A well trained pet equals a happy pet… and a happy owner. However, in spite of the time and effort we put into training our pets, their behaviour is not always ideal – and sometimes, what started out being a minor nuisance develops into destructive, unwanted behaviour that can seriously undermine your bond with your pet.

Some of the more common unwanted abnormal behaviours in dogs can include aggression and seperation anxiety. In cats, aggression and inappropriate litter box habits top the list.

We can help! Our highly educated staff and experienced vets are ready and able to address unwanted pet behaviours. The first order of business in getting to the bottom of unwanted behaviour is to rule out any medical reason for the behaviour with a thorough exam and full history; underlying medical conditions can often be the reason behind the behaviour. For example, a cat stops using the litter box may have a urinary tract infection or arthritis, both of which make it painful to use the box.

If there is no medical reason for your pet’s unwanted behaviour, we can recommend some helpful tips or the names of excellent trainers.

Please call us. We can help!

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