Dental Treatments

Dental health for pets is perhaps the most overlooked aspect of preventive care. Many pet owners have never looked inside their pet’s mouths and are surprised to find out that – just as with humans – dogs and cats develop significant levels of plaque and tartar, which if left untreated can lead to painful dental disease and cause negative health impacts far beyond their mouths. Unfortunately, cats and dogs are very good at hiding pain, so even the most diligent pet owners are often unaware that their pet has developed dental problems until they are severe.

This is why regular dental check-ups are so important, and our annual wellness exams include a thorough dental exam by your pet’s veterinarian. We also offer complimentary dental health assessments with one of our skilled veterinary technicians. If your pet is due for a dental exam click here to request an appointment now – then keep reading below to learn more about the importance of dental care to your pet’s health and quality of life!

At Bloorcourt we understand the crucial role that oral health plays in our pets’ overall well-being, and we place special emphasis on preventive dental care. This starts with a well-planned home care routine including regular teeth brushing plus chew toys, treats, and/or special dental diet to help combat plaque and tartar build-up – and the onset of subsequent oral disease.

In cases where home care is not possible or not enough, a professional dental cleaning is required. Unlike humans, all pets must be placed under general anaesthesia for this procedure, since that is the only way that plaque and tartar above the gumline can be removed. We are proud of our skill and ability to safely sedate your pet, perform a complete oral health assessment and remove plaque and tartar build-up. The results include a sparkling white smile, fresh breath and improved general health. If your pet has early tartar build-up, and does not yet have dental disease that requires more extensive treatment, they may be eligible for special discounted pricing on Preventative Dental Cleanings, starting at just $299 for cats and $349 for dogs. Ask if your pet qualifies at their next dental exam.

Major-Clare_Pandora_3-19-Jun-2012When dental disease is left untreated for too long, the end result is a very sore mouth for your pet – and extractions may be the only option. Our goal is to minimize the need for extractions in the first place, however when necessary this procedure significantly reduces pain and improves your pet’s overall comfort.

Dr. Kinghorn and his team have a particular interest in dental health care in pets and regularly attend educational events to practice and maintain their skills in oral health assessment and extraction technique. This allows them to perform oral surgery and extractions as quickly and painlessly as possible.

The Bloorcourt team is also proud to work in a fully equipped dental suite that includes all the latest technology required to make sure your pet’s mouth receives the best care possible. Our digital dental x-ray machine gives perfect detail of each and every tooth root, allowing us to diagnose 60% more dental problems than we would otherwise be able to see. Any unhealthy teeth can then be expertly removed by our vets before they can cause more serious issues, using the latest dental instruments and a set of magnifying lenses that allow us to see precisely what we are doing. All of these tools add up to your pet’s mouth being healthier and more comfortable than ever before.