Dr. Krystyna Bruce

Dr. Krystyna Bruce

On Maternity Leave until March 2021

Dr. Krystyna was born and raised in Montréal. After completing a Bachelor of Science in Biology at Acadia University in Nova Scotia, she returned to the Université de Montréal to obtain her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine (in French). She practiced in British Columbia until 2013, when she moved back to Toronto to be closer to her family.

Dr. Krystyna strongly believes in the value of dental health, and she particularly enjoys internal medicine and soft tissue surgery. Outside of veterinary medicine, she enjoys reading, hiking, biking, swimming and camping. She and her husband have a young daughter, and also share their home with an orange tabby cat named Sebastian, who was sick with panleukopenia and a number of other health problems when Dr. Krystyna first met him, but is how a happy and thriving seven year old boy.

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