Dr. Mark Kinghorn

Dr. Mark Kinghorn was born and raised in North York, where he attended St. Michael’s College School. After obtaining an undergraduate degree in Biological Sciences at the University of Guelph, he began his veterinary studies in 2000 at the Ontario Veterinary College. After graduating in 2004, Mark was hired at a small animal clinic in Etobicoke. It was there that he developed keen interests in minimally invasive surgery, internal medicine, chemotherapy and cancer care. After 5 years, he decided to pursue his dream and built Roncy Village Veterinary Clinic, and 5 years later, he was honoured to take on the leadership of Bloorcourt Veterinary Clinic when Dr. Jack retired.

Dr. Mark is committed to drawing on the best of both Western and Traditional Chinese Medicine in order to achieve optimal outcomes for our patients. In 2017 Dr. Mark became certified as a Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medical practitioner and Certified Veterinary Acupuncturist, and he is in the process of certifying as a Chinese Herbalist, to further enhance the care he is able to provide to our patients. Dr. Mark is our primary acupuncture practitioner, and he is excited to continue Bloorcourt’s long tradition of providing an integrated approach to pet care. 

With a passion for optimum service and patient care, Dr. Mark strives to nurture the bond that every client shares with their four-legged family members, engaging them in making good pet care decisions. Dr. Mark is also proud to give back to the community through his work with the Community Veterinary Outreach, and he frequently appears on television and the radio as a pet health care expert.

Mark, Audrey, son Breccan and daughter Bronte currently share their South Etobicoke home with two cats (Daisy and Jaguar) and two rabbits (Pinpim and Emily).

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