Jacqueline Chan

Jacqueline is a lifelong animal lover, and has been bringing her cats to our sister clinic Roncy Village for many years. She was already a happy and loyal client, but after Dr. Karen and the Roncy team saved her cat Kaeli’s life when she went into cardiac arrest, Jacqueline knew she would never consider taking her pets anywhere else. When the opportunity arose in 2015 to join the Roncy Village and Bloorcourt teams, Jacqueline leapt at the chance. She is thrilled to help our clients keep their pets safe and healthy, and celebrate their bond through our social media pages, website, newsletters, databases and in-clinic communications. Jacqueline also helps manage our two clinics’ community initiatives and our support for local pet rescue groups. When not at our clinics, she keeps busy as the Foster Program Coordinator for Annex Cat Rescue. Jacqueline and her comedian husband Leonard share their very full home with cats Kaeli, Gingerbread, Boo, Tuna, Bruce and Cheeky!

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