I grew up in a farming community near St. Catharines, surrounded by a plethora of wild animals. As a child I wasn’t allowed to have pets as we travelled frequently, however I would take in any stray cat or lost dog and hide them in the basement…until my mum found out and I embarrassingly had to return them to their owners. I moved to Toronto at the end of high school and I graduated from York University with an English and History degree.

I have always loved working with people (I spent over 20 years in the service industry) and have a strong love for animals. Over a decade after finishing university I was in the position to change careers and start the process of getting into veterinary medicine. I volunteered at Toronto Wildlife Centre, Turtle Trauma and small clinics to get a feel for the industry. In 2014 I entered the veterinary technician program at Seneca College and graduated in 2016.

Since I was young my dad had taught me to appreciate animals in the their wild habitat but also the love that people had for their fuzzy companions. I love that I can help those without a voice and can be a part of making their lives feel enriched, especially older patients who need some extra TLC. I am usually found in the surgery suite doing anesthesia, but I love all aspects of veterinary medicine.

Outside of work I enjoy anything outdoors, especially hiking, as well as heading to a baseball or soccer game in the city. I practice yoga and I enjoy the arts (you’ll catch me at the museums, gallery, theatre and the ballet). I hope one day to travel to Thailand to volunteer with an elephant sanctuary or head to New Zealand to work with wildlife.

As for pets, I currently I have one senior dog at home, Indiana (also a Seneca graduate) and one sassy feline, Linus. Previously those two were surrounded by two female cats, Jasper and Winnie as well as hamster Gouda, and gerbils Hugo and George.


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