Helping you tackle your pet’s inappropriate behaviour by identifying and treating the root cause.

A well-trained pet equals a happy pet…and a happy owner. However, despite the time and effort we put into training, their behaviour is not always ideal – and sometimes, what started out being a minor nuisance develops into destructive, unwanted behaviour that can seriously undermine your bond with your pet. Some of the more common unwanted behaviours in dogs include aggression and separation anxiety. In cats, aggression and inappropriate litter box habits top the list.

With the help of our veterinarians, we can find the source of their behaviour. But first, we need to find out if there is any underlying medical reason, so contact us at 416-537-9677 to schedule a consultation with one of our veterinarians.

NOTE: Although we provide this service, we are not specialists in this particular area of veterinary medicine.

What happens during behavioural counselling?

During your initial visit, you will have an opportunity to go over a complete history of your pet's problematic behaviour and habits with the veterinarian, such as when it began, its duration, and specific triggers that worsen the problem. From there, we will discuss treatment plans tailored specifically for your pet. Following that visit, we will then follow up with you to track your pet's progress and revise the plan as needed. It is advised to be as detailed and objective as you can be when explaining to make it easier for the veterinarian to formulate the best treatment plan.

Should I bring my pet to the consultation?

Yes! It is important for us to observe your pet, as well as their relationship with you. Veterinarians are trained to observe behaviour and body language, so analyzing their behaviours in the clinic will help determine whether their reactions to a situation are normal.

What will be involved in the treatment?

Most treatments typically begin with some type of behaviour modification program. If your pet has not had the opportunity to attend basic obedience training yet, then we would recommend that you look into getting your pet started with classes first. Then, we will build a plan and go over techniques to modify your pet's behaviour, such as desensitization, response modification, or shaping.

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