The only permanent, reliable way to identify a lost pet and ensure a happy reunion.

The purpose of microchips is to provide a form of permanent identification for your pet. The chips are very small and will store a unique identification number. Once inserted into your pet, it sits inertly under their skin. A microchip scanner is used to retrieve the identification number and contact information linked to it.

How is the microchip implanted into my pet?

Before insertion, your pet will be scanned to ensure there is no existing microchip. Once the application gun or syringe is loaded with the needle containing the microchip, the needle is quickly inserted into the skin between the shoulder blades. The applicator trigger is squeezed, which injects the microchip into the tissue. Your pet will then be scanned to ensure the chip is reading correctly.

Is it painful for my pet?

Although some pet owners may be alarmed by the thickness of the needle, the procedure is swift, safe, and pain-free. The chips can even be inserted into the tiniest of puppies or kittens. However, because the application needle is on the bigger end, we typically recommend having the microchip implanted at the time of spaying or neutering when your pet is under anesthetic.

What should I do after the chip is inserted?

Once your pet has been microchipped, you must register your pet with the appropriate agency with your name and contact information. We will provide you with the relevant documents and contact details. The entire process will be ineffective if you don't register your pet's microchip identification, as the unique number will not be associated with anyone. Be sure to update your pet's microchip information if you move or change your contact details. This is extremely important as the chip is linked to you and will be necessary to reunite you with your pet if they are lost and recovered.

Microchip Registration Form

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