Emergency and/or Extended Care

If your pet becomes seriously ill or injured when we are not available, please take them to your nearest 24-hour veterinary emergency clinic (see list below). Phone the clinic on the way so that they can prepare for your pet’s arrival. Please be aware that emergency clinics can be tremendously busy this year, and may be at capacity – if so they will notify you when you call, so that you can go to a different clinic.

Is it an emergency?

Some symptoms that indicate your pet needs immediate care include:

  • Unconscious or unresponsive
  • Trouble breathing
  • Trauma from an accident (hit by car, fall from a balcony, animal attack)
  • Uncontrolled bleeding or seizures
  • Very pale pink or white gums
  • Retching but unable to vomit and/or swollen abdomen (especially in large breed dogs)
  • Sudden inability to use their hind legs (especially in cats)
  • Straining or inability to urinate (especially in male cats)
  • Excessive panting, bright red gums, lethargy and/or disorientation after heat exposure
  • Ingestion of a toxin

If in doubt, or if your pet is having different symptoms, call us (416-537-9677) or your nearest 24-hour clinic, so we can advise you on seeking medical treatment for your pet.

Veterinary Emergency Clinic and Referral Centre

920 Yonge St. Suite 117, Toronto (entrance at rear on McMurrich St.)
T: 416.920.2002

Central Toronto Veterinary Emergency Clinic

1051 Eglinton Ave. W., Toronto
T: 416.784.4444

Animal Health Partners

NORTH YORK: 1 Scarsdale Road T: 416.380.7400
LAKESHORE (NEW!): 806 Southdown Rd, Mississauga T: 905-858-6767

Veterinary Emergency Hospital of West Toronto (Emergency care only, limited specialists)

755 Queensway E #114-116, Mississauga (NEW LOCATION)
T: 416.239.3453

Hours & Location

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Tuesday 8am – 8pm
Wednesday 8am – 1:30pm & 3pm – 8pm
*CLOSED 1:30-3pm for training*
Thursday 8am – 8pm
Friday 8am – 8pm
Saturday 9am – 3pm
Statutory Holidays: CLOSED