X-Ray and Ultrasound

Sometimes, to get to the bottom of whatever is bothering your pet and to recommend the best possible treatment plan, we need to pursue advanced diagnostics. X-rays and ultrasound are painless, non-invasive ways for our vets to obtain very specific “inside” views of your pet’s body – helping assess the heart, lungs, abdominal organs and bones for disease, blockages, fractures and other “unseen” problems.

Ultrasound provides our vets with a 3-dimensional view of your pet’s internal chest and abdominal organs, and can be arranged here in clinic with a mobile cardiologist (for heart ultrasounds) or a mobile pet ultrasound technician supported by Board Certified radiologists.  Ultrasound also allows us to obtain guided tissue samples if required for a comprehensive diagnosis.

X-rays can be performed quickly and painlessly right in our clinic and analyzed on the spot by our experienced vets. Typically, your pet will only be with us for a couple hours. Sedation is needed for scared or wiggly pets, or pets having a very painful area examined, to ensure that they stay completely still while the x-ray images are taken.

For some conditions, both x-rays and ultrasound are performed, since the two procedures complement and enhance one another.


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